Garba Shehu releases Presidential statement on suspension of twitter in Nigeria

Garba Shehu

Twitter’s temporary shutdown isn’t merely a reaction to the President’s exit from office. In Nigeria, there has been a slew of issues with the social media site.

With misinformation and fake news spreading to the point of causing real-world violence. The corporation has remained unaccountable throughout the entire time.

Nonetheless, President Buhari‘s tweet was taken down, which was a disappointment. The censorship appeared to be motivated by a misperception of Nigeria’s current issues.

“The world was shocked and surprised by the slaughter in New Zealand by a lone shooter taking the lives of 50 worshippers,” President Trump remarked in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in 2019.

This and other crimes fostered by social media networks have the potential to infiltrate into the fabric of a growing digital culture.

Major digital firms must be aware of their obligations. They cannot continue to support the transmission of religious, racist, xenophobic, and fraudulent propaganda capable of inciting entire communities against one another and resulting in the loss of many lives. Some countries may be torn apart as a result of this.

President Buhari has therefore warned against social media’s disruptive and divisive effects, and the government’s response is not a knee-jerk reaction to Twitter’s absurd deletion of his message, which should have been read in its entirety.

The tweet was a factual statement rather than a threat.

The Nigerian people’s safety and security are under threat from a terrorist organization (IPOB).



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