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Nigerian Man Dies In London Jail While Awaiting Sentence For Trafficking Dozens of Young Girls Across the UK (Photo)

In the United Kingdom, a Nigerian man was discovered dead inside a prison.

According to sources, Isaiah Olugosi, 38, was discovered dead in his cell at HMP Wormwood Scrubs in West London on Monday, March 28. He was awaiting sentencing after being convicted of fraud.

When police realized the scope of the fraud in 2020, they discovered 14 to 17-year-old victims.

He pled guilty in May 2021 to masterminding a two-year theft spree that deceived over 100 retailers across the UK.

Over 30 juvenile victims were exploited by Olugosi, his wife Holly, and members of his organized crime ring, who were charged with modern slavery statutes.

When police realized the scope of the fraud in 2020, they discovered 14 to 17-year-old victims.

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He testified in court that girls were recruited using social media and contacted on the street, with some ending up in foster homes and others going missing.

Nigerian Man

Olugosi accepted conspiracy to organize or enable the travel of minors for the purpose of exploitation, two charges of conspiracy to defraud, money laundering, and possession of goods for use in fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court.



The money he made from his swindle was used to fuel his lavish lifestyle, which included cosmetic surgery, tanning sessions, a new Mercedes, luxury vacations, and even a £2,500 freezer.

Before Olugosi and his drivers ferried them across the UK using pre-planned routes to target branches of each store, the team leaders would deceive or compel the girls into joining their criminal gang.

They generated bogus barcodes and placed them on things to pay a lower price before returning for a complete refund, meaning a phone purchased for £20 might receive a £120 refund.

The girls would frequently disappear for days at a time, committing fraud during the day and living in hotels at night.

Isaiah Olugosi physically drove the victims about early in the scheme, directing them what things to acquire, which fraud technique to utilize, and which branches to target.



On a typical day, Olugosi’s gang would swindle over ten establishments, netting the group thousands of pounds per trip.

The stolen cash were subsequently laundered through at least a hundred UK bank accounts set up by Isaiah Olugosi, who used the addresses of persons with mental health issues or severe learning disabilities to avoid authorities.

Isaiah Olugosi, a prisoner at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, died on March 28 in his cell, according to a representative for the Prison Service.

‘The Ombudsman for Prisons and Probation has been notified.’

Nigerian Man

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