Nollywood actress took up fire fighting, says dream fulfilled

Grace Agbo

Nollywood actress who took up a fire fighting job, Grace Agbo, has stated that her dream of helping folks has been fulfilled in both careers.

Agbo turned 30 recently and she stated God has changed her life positively.

Speaking in a chat, Agbo mentioned the job of a firefighter has taught her to be disciplined, patient, courageous and observant.

Agbo noted that as an actress, she helped to make folks laugh while as a firefighter, she is involved in helping folks.

In response to her, “I really feel great. God has actually carried out me effectively. My whole life has changed positively. I’ll not have it all but am grateful to God for everything I’ve achieved, my life is a great testimony.

Each job has been fulfilling in different methods. Rising up I always have the sensation of helping people and likewise making folks happy. I’ve been able to do this via acting and firefighting.

As a firefighter, our mandate is to save and shield lives and properties, rescue victims during an emergency, extinguish, control, and forestall fireplace, as well as carry out different humanitarian works. Nothing else could be more fulfilling.”

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Continuing, she stated: “Acting on the other hand has helped me put smiles on people’s faces. Most times I get calls from folks telling me about movies I acted in, the function I performed, and the way it made them really feel.

Then I realised most people are happy whenever they watch my movie. Am a fulfilled woman.”

Agbo has featured in several Nollywood movies similar to Black Out, Mr. Potosky, Lost Pride, Deadly Need, Palace of Sorrow, Ada-Ide-Ichaka, Haunted Palace, Village Don, The Calabash among others.



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