Nothing in this World would move Governorship out of Urhobo land in 2023 – Ex-Minister


He maintained the Governor Okowa was prepared to honour the present zoning agreement for the governorship status in the state one of the senatorial districts of this nation, announcing that Gov. Okowa owes Urhobo indigenes the responsibility for the governorship chair in 2023.

He said “All of you would have taken yourself on the foot, so you’d have denied yourself, your kids the born and unborn, grandchildren were you to not shield everything God has given for you. There’s not any debate while we’ll unwind and work together with our other senatorial districts. Nothing in the world would eliminate governorship out of Urhobo land. Turn by turn we’ve done ours. It’s gone around. It moved into the South, it abandoned the south. It moved into the north and from the natural action of God, It’s coming back to us”

“Since it’s in my character when Chief James Ibori appeared as governor, we didn’t run away in the celebration. He’d his tenure, left and finished. However, I had been the primary agitator to get Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa at this opportunity to perform governorship on the grounds of zoning”.

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Okowa is a really intelligent politician, Okowa understands how we began. If I do more than 200 posts on why everyone should allow Okowa to continue its initial and second semester, it’s because we’ve got an arrangement. He retains the Urhobo a responsibility. We’ve got a good deal of Urhobos hoping to compete now below the stage of the party but they’re not all Urhobo.”

About the number of Governorship aspirants before their 2023 governorship race on the stage of the PDP, Olorogun Gbagi noticed that the majority of those hard his dreams aren’t qualified dependent on the motives behind their ambitions, stating they don’t own investments in Delta State also doesn’t have the attention of the nation in mind,” Thus, if they do not have investments in Delta State, then it’s acceptable for them to cause problem to resist and destroy the area and operate into Ghana and Dubai. But I can’t fight and come in Delta State as my investment and what’s in Delta State.”

“If someone goes to maintain some stolen cash and come and utilize it and state delegates will come and accept $5,000. You may eat $5,000 and over another 3 times, your life was bought as you can’t do anything with it. You have to alter the story whenever folks see the money you will find for only 15 minutes.”



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