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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) has reaffirmed its dedication to the protection of all Critical Assets and Infrastructures, including oil pipelines, telecommunication equipment, electrical power installations, railways, roads, and schools, amongst others. This commitment was made public in a statement.

This was affirmed by the Commandant General, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, mni, OFR, in response to reports that some officers and men of the Rivers State Command were allegedly involved in the harassment and molestation of some members of staff of the Port Harcourt Electrical Distribution Company (PHED) at Rumuola in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The incident allegedly took place at Rumuola in Port Harcourt.

He explained that the primary obligation of being a leader in the field of critical infrastructure protection was to always ensure that public utilities were protected and that the safety of the populace was maintained.


He voiced his displeasure over the incident and issued an order for a full-scale investigation to be conducted by PHED to determine whether or not the complaint is valid, with the goal of taking the appropriate disciplinary actions against the officers if they are found to be responsible for the incident.

The State Commandant, Micheal Besong Ogar, stated that the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED), as a stakeholder and provider of essential services in Rivers State, continues to be an important partner enjoying focal attention for security coverage by the Command. This is evidenced by the Command’s deployment of men to guard their premises and facilities over the years. In addition, PHED is a stakeholder in the state of Rivers.

He expresses his remorse over the behavior of his soldiers. He vows to get to the bottom of the problem while underlining the Command’s resolve to continue working in synergy and harmony with all essential stakeholders in the state for the benefit of everyone.

“The cops were not ordered to PHED with the intention of intimidating or assaulting anyone; rather, they were tasked with investigating the strange power outage that the Command had been experiencing for several days.

“Based on the evidence that I have available to me, there appears to have been some sort of misunderstanding between the two parties, which may not have been addressed in the most appropriate manner.


According to the Commandant, “But, a committee had been set up to untangle what occurred, and in due order, we will deal with the problem correctly.”

He frowns at the act of violation and alleged crime on the fundamental human rights of innocent workers of the company, warning officers and men of the Command to desist from any public misconduct by applying the golden rule of the Corps, which is “Humility and Integrity in service delivery,” in the discharge of their duties at all times. He also frowns at the act of infringement and infraction on the fundamental human rights of innocent workers of the company.

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