Nurses deserve to be recognise, well Treated for their sacrifices


The Assistant General Secretary, National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter, Comrade Nanman Philomen Kash, has stated nurses deserve to be treated better than they currently are.

She additionally stated they need to be recognised more for the sacrifices they make caring for the sick.

“Nurses are extra uncovered than another health worker as a result of they’re there 24 hours with the patients.

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“However the public image of the nurses has really been dented with so many negative things and usually, the public notion just isn’t at all times the true image.

“Sometimes, the media portray nurses as if many are impolite, many don’t know their left and proper,” she stated.

Kash, nevertheless, admitted that there could be a few bad eggs among the professionals who disregard the ethics of the profession while coping with patients.

“My appeal to any nurse who doesn’t actually know the right way to look after a patient is that as a nurse you must see the patient first as your client. Then, the situation the patient is in would already make the patient anxious. Nobody that is sick and comes to the hospital feels relaxed. They’re naturally anxious so that they count on the nurse to be caring,” she added.



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