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‘Obidients’ Want To Kill Me Because I Exposed Their Lies Against Tinubu – Reno Omokri Cries Out

Reno Omokri, a critic, has said that Peter Obi’s backers want to kill him because he revealed their fabrications over Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s Chicago diploma, who is running for president of the APC.

Tinubu attended Chicago State University and earned a degree there, according to Omokri, who recently came out to claim that he paid $4,000 to look into Tinubu’s Chicago certificate.

He said on his Instagram page that he had been threatened with death by an “obedient” broadcaster for calling out Peter Obi and his followers’ falsehoods.

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“What could it possibly mean when someone threatens to take me out? as a result of my exposing their servile falsehood against Tinubu? It serves my purpose to say Tinubu didn’t go to Chicago State University. Still, he did. There, I went.

“Is this why Obi and his hack want to kill me? In the name of Yeshua, anyone attempting to kill me shall fail. I have clean hands. My morals are pure. I can’t hold Tinubu accountable for crimes he hasn’t committed. He enrolled at Chicago State. May God protect you if, as a result, you decide to “take me out.”

Earlier, Omokri, said a certain broadcast journalist, who has turned himself into a mouthpiece of Peter Obi, made the foolish mistake of calling someone to threaten to “take me out” after he exposed him as a liar.

“Unknown to him, the entire conversation was recorded. If I were like him, I would have released the recording. If the recording is ever released, it will show that this individual is capable of anything.

“If the individual is reading this, kindly carry out your threat to dump me. Greater people than you have attempted it. Where are they right now?

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The television journalist may have made the threat against him independently or on behalf of the Peter Obi campaign, the man continued. Who would ever think to say that?

“They’d deny it if it weren’t documented,’ they said. Take me where exactly? due to exposing a liar? Is that the state of journalism in Nigeria today? You’re lying on air. You are made known. Then what happens is that you start placing calls that may be fatal. Really?”

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