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Oil theft: Military saved Nigeria from losing N4bn — DHQ

On Thursday, the military high command announced that it had conducted operations in the Niger Delta region. These operations prevented oil thieves from stealing crude oil from the country, which was estimated to be worth N4 billion.

The command reported that during this time period, over 6.6 million liters of stolen crude oil, 3.5 million liters of AGO, 200,000 liters of DPK, and over 65,000 liters of Premium Motor Spirits were recovered from oil thieves. Additionally, 3.5 million liters of AGO, 200,000 liters of DPK, and over 65,000 liters of Premium Motor Spirits were stolen.

Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media actions, presented this information in Abuja at the quarterly briefing on the actions of the military across the country between June and August 2023. The briefing was held between June and August 2023.

He stated that as a result of troop operations in the South-South geopolitical zone, the following were seized: 6,652,250 litres of stolen crude oil, 3,558,325 litres of illegally refined AGO, 288,650 litres of DPK, and 65,600 PMS. All of this added up to an estimated value of N4 billion that was withheld from the oil thieves. Thus preventing economic saboteurs from causing the nation to suffer a loss of this money.”

Buba also stated that during the different operations that took place across the country, military personnel managed to capture a total of 2,328 criminals, while military personnel operating in the North East managed to kill no less than 814 terrorists.

According to what Buba claimed, “Our operations across the six geopolitical zones from June to August 2023 reveal that we neutralized 814 terrorists and arrested 1,326 criminals.” We were able to rescue 721 hostages who had been kidnapped, as well as capture 42 kidnappers, 231 accomplices, 33 armed robbers, 80 livestock rustlers, 325 militia members, 27 railroads vandals, 73 gunrunners, and 191 people accused of stealing oil. In addition, 4, 560 terrorists together with their families turned themselves in to the troops.

According to Buba, a total of 3,269 different types of ammunition and 674 different pieces of equipment, among other things, were taken from members of the criminal element.

He stated that the troops had been successful in recovering a total of 501 guns, 3,577 livestock, 3,269 different types of ammunition, and 674 other pieces of equipment. The following is a breakdown of these firearms and ammo: 117 AK47 rifles, one AK49 rifle, 5 revolvers, 28 fabricated rifles, 11 fabricated pistols, 57 Dane guns, 23 pistols, 24 pump action guns, 3 FN rifles, 3 GPMGs, one double barrel gun, one barreta pistol, one G3 rifle, two HK21 rifles, one IED, and a number of other types of firearms and ammunition. 190 rounds of 5.5mm, 39 rounds of 9mm, 29 rounds of PKM, and 19 cartridges in addition to 123 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 2,008 rounds of 7.62mm special, 30 rounds of 7.62mm x 39mm, 512 shots of 7.62mm x 54mm, and 30 rounds of 7.62mm x 39mm.

“The following items were recovered by troops in equal numbers: one RPG tube, three hand grenades, one locally made hand grenade, one locally made bomb, two rifle butts, one AK47 barrel, one GMPG barrel, two MG links, 98 AK47 magazines, two G3 magazines, two FN magazines, two PKT magazines, two LMG magazines, two tear gas launchers, one bulletproof vest, 49 vehicles, 213 motorcycles, 48 bicycles, 69

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