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We wish to categorically state our position after a number of meetings and consultations, that we disagree with the resolution of a few selected Ohanaeze elders, who announced in an ad hoc meeting, that the upcoming Ohanaeze,  presidential election in Lagos State will be thrown open for all the seven states to contest, in contrast to NEC’s ruling, which states that, it’s only Delta, Enugu and Rivers States should contest.

These elders’ position is unpopular, and unacceptable and is capable of encouraging factions within the Ohanaeze Lagos chapter.

The majority of the people who attended this meeting walked out of the hotel conference hall in protest against the elder’s free for all contest. It is highly suspected that this idea was sponsored, to create division and rancor amongst us.

The three States that the national has approved to contest for the office of the President based on fairness, justice and equity, hereby unequivocally state that anything short of this decision is unacceptable and will not be upheld.

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The NEC is the highest decision making body of our socio-cultural body, and must be respected for the unity of all members of Ohaneze Ndigbo.

It is as a result of this respect and regard to NEC, that I, Chief Dr Sylvanus Ebigwei MON, the oldest member of the Elders forum, adviced that their initial position be jettisoned out rightly, when a letter from the office of the PRO was received. The other elders opposed this suggestion.

During the meeting, the incumbent treasurer (Chief Nanka) reported that the president Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene was not personally or officially aware of this elders’ meeting. This situation is best termed a total disrespect for the office of the President.

However I am of the opinion that it should be the turn of Delta State (Anioma) following the alphabetical order of rotation as practiced at the national headquarters in Enugu State. Chief Leonard Okafor aka Oba Ojoto in his submission, remarked that if NEC zones it to Delta State ( ANIOMA ) that it will be accepted by all, since that is constitutional.

Because for NEC to ask for any other thing, rather than the three States (Delta, Enugu and Rivers) is a misrepresentation that does not project the fairness, justice and equity being promoted. Moreover, it has no place in both the main Ohanaeze national constitution and the Lagos chapter bylaws. He went on to say that, Lagos bylaws can be amended within a short period prior to the election to avoid litigations of any kind.

It’s worthy to note that Lagos state Ohaneze executives are usually sworn into office by the National Constitution and not by the Lagos Chapter bylaw, which was set aside by the Nwodo administration in 2018 which brought in this present administration.

In Conclusion , we will not submit to this calculated attempt to disorganize the electoral process. We are all stakeholders and stand by the decision of NEC which states that Delta, Enugu and Rivers States will contest this time around.

By Chief Dr Sylvan Ebigwei (MON)

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