Miyetti Allah Gives Condition To Accept Ban On Open Grazing


Miyetti Allah declared that the Governors of South Nigeria’s prohibition of open grassing would not be tolerated till the Herders have alternatives available.

South-East Chairman of the Miyeti-Allaah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Gidado Siddiki, said this, in reply to an invitation to all South-East.

States house of assembly to adopt the anti-grazing law in their respective States issued by former People’s Democratic Party National Chairman, PDP, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo.

Gidado Siddiki stated that they were not opposed to a ban on open grazation, but that all parties should have the chance to propose proposals for an anti-open grazing law during the public hearing on constitutional review.

“We didn’t get an opportunity to attend the public hearing on the constitutional review, we went there, but no one gave us a hearing to talk about it. We haven’t requested,” he remarked.

In doing its business, he remarked that the leaders of the South East still had to offer the herders with their ranchings as an option.

“We’re not against a restriction on open grassing,” added Siddiki, “but at least we need an alternative.

“If someone’s conducting business you know that he’d be given an alternative on what to do, and you stop him doing this business.

“When you say that you have banned open grazing, you need to tell us how we should graze our cows because what we know is grazing. If there is an alternative, there is no problem, and that is the only thing we are begging for.”

He urged the governors to call on all parties in making laws in respect to open grazing, adding that there is no provision for ranching in most states which poses a problem to herders.

“If open grazing is bringing problems, let us find ways we can coexist.



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