Osun: Residents bemoan recklessness commercial motorcycle accidents in Ilesa


The recklessness of commercial motorcyclists popularly called ‘Okada’ has reached an alarming crescendo in Ilesa town and environs as the level of motorcycles’ accidents has become a major concern.

Eyewitness accounts revealed that the influx of Okada accident victims who were brought to the Accident and Emergency (A and E) Unit of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Wesley Guild, Ilesa was on the excessive side.

It was gathered that about twenty victims had been brought to the A and E Unit in an interval of three days out of which seven were brought in dead or died within the process of resuscitation. a lot of havoc in many families leaving behind a path of sorrow and agony.

He called for the intervention of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to restore sanity to the roads by reintroducing alcohol and drug monitoring devices, to both commercial drivers and motorcyclists.

He additionally advocated the application of punitive measures against unlicensed drivers, erring motorists and motorcyclists.

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He revealed that some days back, an staff of the Federal Government School of Science and Technology, Cappa, Ilesa was ran-over and killed when the commercial bike she was riding on collided with a minibus.

Members of the commercial bike union interviewed revealed that most of the erring motorcyclists were not their registered members as they usually held sensitisation meetings with them on the safety and hazards of their career.

They revealed that it was forbidden for their members to operate while drunk and that members of the public had been notified to report any erring member to the appropriate quarters for the necessary action to be taken.



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