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Over 200 bandits on rampage in Tsoegi village of Niger state

Bandits numbering over 200 on Saturday attacked Tsoegi village, Egbako Ward, and 12 other villages in Lavun Local Government Area of Niger State, leaving unspecified number of people dead after they shot many villagers and abducted other in the 13 villages, various media reports have said.

According to source in the know of current happenings in the area, the bandits are still in Egbako and Danbban Wards of Lavun LGA with herds of cattles being rustled.

A resident of the state urged authorities to mobilise local hunters to dislodge the bandits as the police in the area lack the capacity to arrest the security situation.

“Let’s mobilize our local hunters, vigilantes, Nupe witches to arrest the situation.

“Two people were shot, one is already dead and many has been taken away”, the source said.

There have been no official comments on the incident by the state government or security authorities.

Meanwhile, the bandits have wreaked havoc in about other 12 villages in the Lavun Local Government Area of the state.

The terrorists, according to reports, rained terror around 12 pm in Ndaruka, Ebbo, Egbako, Gogata, Gbanagi, Kuba, Dabban and Mawogi on Saturday.

Other villages invaded are Santali, Kanko, Yidzhuhun and Ndakotifin.

“The woman killed in Ndaruku was a mother of two,” a source said, adding that “As we speak, we have not seen her children.”


At Egbako, three ladies were kidnapped. Among them were spinsters and a new bride who got married the previous day.

A source at Dabban said the bandits killed three persons along Ndawangwa house.

At about 7 pm on Saturday, sources said the bandits were still in Tsoegi and Santali.

It was also gathered that many were shot at in these villages and a few of them are receiving treatment at various health facilities.

Sources said the attacks came at a time there were wedding and naming ceremonies in the affected villages.

Youths in Ebbo, Ndaruka and Dabban told reporters that there were no security officials on the ground to confront the terrorists.

The bandits subdued few local vigilantes in Dabban and Ndaruka before gaining entry into the villages.

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