PDP has not zoned governorship ticket in Anambra, says Okonkwo


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant, Dr Obiora Okonkwo, says his party has not zoned the governorship ticket to any zone in Anambra State

He declares that the rumour that he has been disqualified from the race is false and misleading, adding, ‘I’m still in the race and very strong’

Speaking with reporters Tuesday at Ogidi, Idemili North local government area, Okonkwo said PDP had never zoned the governorship position

There had been rumours in the State that Okonkwo, who buried his mother last week had been disqualified as a result of the party not zoning the position to Central Senatorial zone where he hailed from

But the PDP strong contender, described the news of the zoning as false, insisting that he was still in the race, and more strongly too.

Okonkwo said “There are some elements that are in PDP and being sponsored to make such publication that PDP is zoning the governorship position, but that is not true.

“We know who their sponsors are, and if they don’t desist, we will reveal their identity. What is the truth is that those people are afraid of me, so they want PDP to field a weak candidate, to make it easy for PDP to lose the election.

“I am still in the race and strongly in the race too. A candidate can only emerge through a free and fair primary election and not through propaganda and falsehood. This is a new PDP and there is no room for such behaviour.”

On the zoning, he stated that what should be uppermost in the mind of the party should be fielding a candidate that was generally acceptable, and who could win the election for the party.

“Yes, the issue of zoning remains the way it is. The position has never been zoned before.

“There has never been a time when it was zoned. So, I am still in the race, and we are contesting to win,” he said.



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