People living with disabilities, says government abandoned them


The members who stated they are being marginalized could not fathom why the leadership of the state have continued to relegate them to the background despite their enormous contributions to the growth of this state.

Sad it is, “just eight out of the twenty-two thousand members of the organization are gainfully employed in the state civil service, despite their credentials. The need for the government to fashion out steps to co-opt them into its actions, they said, can no longer be overemphasized.

Lamenting, they stated, “We are left behind by the government for unknown reasons. 85% of our members are heard but felt dejected They Aren’t being carried along from the schemes of actions”

Advocating for”sharing formula” they also could not fathom why none of the members of this institution was contained in the COVID-19 job force, drumming that, “we believed there’s COVID-19 pandemic, however, we are sad because none of our members was provided somewhere to represent us at the job force Committee.”

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If given the much-desired attention, they thought the idea of perambulating and begging for foods would have long become a thing of the past from the state, stressing that”we aren’t happy going around churches, mosques, motor parks and other public places begging for arms”

The group who felt dejected are not always believed whenever food products, clothing and other relief materials are made available for the state to get onward distributions for the Have-not or to victims of disasters.



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