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The national president of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo worldwide.
Ambassador chief Obiozor.

Dear Mr. President Sir,

My name is Prince Agubataofia Marcus and a member of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Lagos, who also has held and worked in different capacities in our sociocultural body.

Permit me to draw your attention to why peace must continue to elude Lagos Ohanaeze’s chapter. Truth has not halfway to its full definition.

The very moment the national loses its position and balance to make use of her VETO power correctly, void of sentiment, peace can never be restored in Lagos Ohanaeze. It is either you use your VETO POWER CORRECTLY OR NOTHING.

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80% members of Ohanaeze Lagos believes that the national has tagged and seen Lagos Ohanaeze as an oil deport, and an avenue for revenue generation. If not so, what will it cost the national to say the simple truth and the issue of sending people from the national to come and conduct election in Lagos will stop automatically.

Members feels that since the national, advices Lagos Ohanaeze from the time of chief Igariwe, PG emeritus to adopt and enshrine, rotation in her bye law, as it is done in the national failed, Chief Nina Nwodo regime adviced to allow those states who never held the office of the president to be the only state to contest also failed,

It is now most pertinent that the national should state categorically the untold truth which is the bone of contention. We the members of Ohanaeze Lagos chapter feels that the national is shying away from the raw truth because they have interest on a particular person or group and that is the reason they find it difficult to nail the hammer on the head.

Lagos Ohanaeze, feels that since the national want them to do away with her bye law and adopt that of the national system, why then are they doing it half way? .

If really the national mean well by their alphabetical rotational system, WHY CAN’T THEY IN A SIMPLE LANGUAGE SAY SO. Transparency will be seen by everybody, that NEC is saying ‘DO AS I DO and not DO AS I SAY’.

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In a nutshell sir, it is high time the national make an emphatic statement that will stand taste of time. The national must be seen not be, biased and sentimental.

Therefore sir, the national should pronounce emphatically that by the virtue of alphabetical rotational system being used in the national taking cognance to the state that has not held the office of the president in Lagos state , that it is the turn of ANIOMA to produce a candidate or candidates to contest.

Sir, to be candid ( ndi Igbo si na ukwu na eje walawala na Anya na eje walawala na afu ya). All of of us are Igbo.
If national can think towards this way , peace is surely to be restored because the system is tested and trusted at least the national is enjoying it till date.

When this is done , both the sitting president and supporters will see that there is no place to find the national wanting.
Remember that most people’s argument and justification is based on one ; the fact that national supposed to be an observer in any election.

Two, that if national want to use her veto power for peace to rain, that it should in totality be used and not halfway . Instead of pronouncing the state that has not led by alphabetical order as used by the national, three states were merged together which of course is seen as sentimental approach.

To achieve the lasting peace and to write your name on marble as the grand peace master, simply do the needful and heaven will be happy with you, because you would have arrested the multiple factions that is waiting publications. Some persons with finicial means and influence are moving round getting his factions members ready,while others working hard to encourage disunity. The other major force fueling this is 2023 election.

Remain blessed Sir

Prince Agubataofia Marcus.
Former VP Enugu
Current chairman Enugu indegines in Ohanaeze Lagos.
Current chairman Umu NNE an or.(Anioma, Ebonyi, Enugu, Rivers).

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