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Police reiterate warning against attack on officers

The Nigeria Police Force has issued a new warning to members of the public to refrain from assaulting its personnel.

CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, issued a statement on Monday.

According to the spokesman, it is illegal to attack police officers because of disagreement.

Adejobi urged anyone who has been wronged to go through the proper channels and file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

His statement came after two people assaulted a police officer and tried to disarm him by dragging his AK-47 rifle. Both have been detained.
According to Adejobi, some sections of the media purposefully misquoted his earlier reaction to the incident, portraying him as endorsing officer violence.

The FPRO stated that when a public officer violates the provisions of existing laws, there are channels for reporting such behaviour and obtaining prompt justice.

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According to Adejobi, the people in the video resorted to self-defense by attempting to steal the officer’s firearm, putting everyone in danger.

“It is true that two wrongs do not equal a right, and as such, regardless of the provocation, the actions of the individuals were wrong,” he added.

The creator of the image stated that complaints about unpleasant encounters could be reported through the Police Public Relations Officers of various Commands, the Police Complaint Response Unit, and social media accounts.

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