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Prof. Efemini, UNIPORT’s Deputy Vice Chancellor-designate, died unexpectedly

Prof. Andrew Efemini died unexpectedly five days after being elected as the University of Port Harcourt’s (UNIPORT) Deputy Vice Chancellor-designate, Academics.

Before he died in the early hours of Saturday, the late Professor of Philosophy was awaiting confirmation of his promotion by the institution’s Governing Council.

The academic world, as well as the human and civil society communities, have been plunged into sorrow upon news of the outspoken Professor’s untimely passing.

As predicted, word of his death quickly spread through several channels on the internet.

Prof Efemini’s late health state was always known, revealing that he had been a diabetic sufferer for many years.

As of the time of writing this report, it was unknown if the dead died as a result of complications from the fatal condition he had been battling.

Our correspondent claims that telephone communications with extremely trustworthy people within the University verified the tragic occurrence but requested anonymity.

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“This is because his immediate family has not transmitted the tragic demise of Academics to the University,” a source explained.

Additionally, the sources refuted social media claims that he was “appointed” to the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor, DVC, Academics. “He was chosen, like other DVC designates, while awaiting confirmation by the University’s Governing Council, and was later sworn in and assumed office.”

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