Queen Elizabeth reportedly quizzing senior royals over Harry and Meghan’s racism claims


Here are reports that Queen Elizabeth has started quizzing senior members of the royal family over Harry and Meghan’s racism claims.

Harry and Meghan revealed during their interview with Oprah that there were questions about how dark their son, Archie would be when she was pregnant.

According to PageSix, the Queen will start individually confronting senior royals about the allegations — including Harry himself.
Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle spent $14.5M on their new home.

The main focus will be Harry’s allegation that at least one family member raised concerns about “how dark” his mixed-race children would be, which the queen called particularly “concerning.”

Another member of the royal family who is deeply concerned about the racism claims is Harry’s dad, Prince Charles of Wales.

“It goes against everything the Prince of Wales believes in,” a source close to the heir of the throne revealed.

The queen had earlier released a statement addressing the racism claims by her grandson and his wife.



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