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Results of presidential election: live state collation

On Saturday, Nigerians will choose a new president. Since the country’s return to democracy in 1999, the election in 2023 will be the first in its history to be free of an incumbent or military ruler.

According to reports, former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu, 70, of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, 76, of the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), anti-establishment candidate Peter Obi, 61, of the Labour Party, and former governor of Kano State and candidate for the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso, are the front-runners (NNPP).

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Result Viewing portal (IReV) is one innovative idea that allows voters to view copies of election results after voting is completed at polling places.

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