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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day eight

Russia-Ukraine War news LIVE Updates: Russian shelling has intensified around a town near Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant. Russia and Ukraine have agreed for a third round of peace talks, after the second round on Thursday failed to end in a breakthrough.

A Bloomberg report has claimed that Russia is planning public executions as and when cities fall in Ukraine. United Nations human rights office on Thursday said it has confirmed that 249 civilians have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Ukrainian President Volodimyr Zelenskyy has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet him face-to-face, saying it is the only way to end this war.

The Russian military intensified its assault on Ukrainian cities on Thursday, capturing at least one city, Kherson, in the south and pressed further into the strategic port towns of Odessa and Mariupol, as the war entered into its eighth day.

The attack on Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv with rockets and cruise missile continues, even as a 64-km long armoured column moved slowly towards the capital city of Kyiv.

On Thursday, the International Criminal Court fast-tracked an investigation into possible war crimes by Russia. German automaker Volskswagen became the latest manufacture to halt production in Russia over the conflict.

India continues Operation Ganga to evacuate its citizens, mostly students, with New Delhi once again abstaining a key UN General Assembly resolution against Russia on Wednesday.

In a separate development, PM Modi will join a crucial Quad leaders’ virtual summit today. Brent oil prices have surged $118 per bbl as supply side concerns persist amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

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