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Senate Proposes The Creation of Six New States In Each Geopolitical Zone Of Nigeria

There are six different geopolitical zones in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria has 36 states, it should be noted. According to a source, the Nigerian senate did, however, propose the formation of a few more states. The six new states that were suggested to be established in each of Nigeria’s geopolitical zones are listed below.

1. South-South.

According to reports, the Nigerian senate suggested splitting Akwa Ibom State into Itai State in the country’s South-South geopolitical region. The British Broadcasting Corporation has also verified this information.


2. The State of Adada

This state’s creation would come from Enugu State. Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical zone includes Enugu State.

3. North-East.

Katagum State has been advocated for establishment in the Northeast geopolitical zone by several persons. According to the rumors, this state will be formed out of Bauchi State.

The south-west

Ibadan State is another proposed state by the Nigerian senate. Currently, Oyo State is home to Ibadan. As a result, the newly created state would be a part of the South-West geopolitical zone.

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4. The North Central

Additionally, according to reports, the North-Central geopolitical zone’s senate advocated splitting up Kogi State to form Okun State. The North Central geopolitical zone includes Kogi State.

5. North-West.

According to the BBC, there will be eight states in the North-West geopolitical zone with the establishment of Tiga State from Kano State. This information has also been validated.

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