Seun Kuti, urges people to desist from making money off people’s pain


Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, has urged people to desist from making money off people’s pain.

The Grammy Award nominee took to his Instagram page to express his distaste for individuals who milk other individuals’ misfortunes.

He noted that a lot of people hide behind their career to oppress their fellow human beings.

“I’m just doing my job is a lame-ass excuse for all these destructions y’all are inflicting. It’s no longer accepted. Hiding behind your job to promote the oppressors’ agenda is so 90s, we Don wise,” he started.

Continuing, Kuti wrote, “Demolishing poor people properties. Evicting poor people. Killing innocent civilians due to order. Polluting the environment. Praise Singing the oppressors. Walking next to the prince of Wales as a prop. We’re so on to you!!! Get a better humane job. stop making money out of the pain of people. stop stepping on ur ancestors blood and head as a ladder.”

Seun, who has been championing causes against unhealthy governance and societal ills, steered that it’s better to resign from jobs that put anyone in a position to inflict suffering on fellow human beings.



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