Boy, 15, In Police Net For Sleeping With Girl, 10


A 15-year-old guy has gotten himself into trouble after allegedly engaging in a sex romp with a 10-year-old girl and being caught in the act in Lagos.

According to a source, the event occurred on Morenike Cavenol Street in the Ile-Epo neighborhood of Oke-Odo, Lagos, where they live.

Despite the fact that both the defendant and the victim were juveniles, the girl’s parents claimed that the boy was the one who persuaded her to commit the act and was therefore liable for statutory rape.

He was detained after the situation was reported to the police at Area G Command in Ogba, Lagos. He was then charged with having sex with the girl in front of the Ogba Magistrates Court.

The boy disputed the charges and entered a not guilty plea.

Supol Ezekiel Ayorinde, the prosecutor, requested that the case be referred to the DPP for advice.

As a result, Mrs. B.O. Osunsanmi, the Presiding Magistrate, issued an order to the youngster.

The case was adjourned for the DPP’s advice, which will determine whether the boy will be sent to the High Court to face prosecution for statutory rape, which carries a sentence of several years in jail if he is convicted and found guilty before the Court

The identities of both the defendant and the victim were withheld.



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