Sexy Nollywood manufacturer and actress Editha Francis Chiewuzie releases Elina in the Cinema nationwide wide on 21st May 2021


It was a wonderful experience at the film PREMIERE of Elina, a film Made by a youthful and sexy Nollywood manufacturer and actress Editha Francis Chiewuzie.

The film is all about the errors and negligence of parents along with the unkind society we live in. The film cast consists of high-class celebrity actors and actresses in the sector who gave the film a top-notch and translated the roster in its original form.

Few among them are Eucharia Anunobi, Kalu Ikeagwu, Felix Omokhodion, Editha Francis, Jibola Dabu, Winner Edward, Jessica Okwor and other renowned.

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African Eye talked with Actor Kalu Ikegwu who played the role of Cheta from the film, in his announcement he encouraged the parents to take the message that the movie Elina is passing through quite seriously pointing out that what the film contrasts is what is happening in our society now. In his word, he said” I am very honoured to be part of the movie which has a strong message to parents on the market. The trauma she went through for 15 decades and emancipated her way through for her liberty. It is a must-watch he included.

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In his interview, he advised parents to care for the kids, never enable them to experience maximum liberty at a young age to avoid them being exposed. He explained that it could be beneficial if we can go back to the era once society educated and look after children collectively. Unlike this time that nobody allows others to fix their kids. When asked if he will retire shortly, he smiled and asked, Do you want to retire?

Editha Francis Chiewuzie played the lead role of Elina and she is also the manufacturer of the movie. She clarifies how challenging it was for her being the lead performer and the manufacturer at precisely the same time. ” it had been quite challenging to function as producer and act in the same picture, but by God’s grace I made it through she narrated. She also pointed out what prompted her to go into the movie business was the need to make an impact on the Industry and utilize her acting ability to touch lives. I’ve always dreamed of being an actress and once I got into the market, I found out that there are a lot of things to do so as to excel in the industry and one of these is producing pictures. I’d like to really make a difference in the movie business and feel the best way I could put in my best is simply entering movie production. You may have a wonderful script to take but if you don’t have the fund, how do you get it done? However, with the help of my Executive Producer Austin Ogbonna, I was able to pull through.

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Actor Felix Omekhodion is one of the chief characters in the movie, he played the role of Etoho”the god”. His role was hard in the sense which he needed to play the bad boy and kidnapper from the film. He explained how hard it was for him to play the role as it was quite the opposite of what he actually is, but I have to translate the function how it ought to be because it is my job.

On the same page Jessica Francis who played the use of fire narrated how challenging it was for her to play the part of being the heartless man in the movie while she is actually the opposite. She said she overwhelmed to be lucky enough to play alongside Stars such as Eucharia Aninobi, Jibola Dabo, Kalu Ikegwu, Felix Omekhodion, Editha Francis and others. She appears to be prosperous in the industry like them.

The youngest actress among them Winner Edward who played the role of Elina told African Eye she appreciated being in the film and by the grace of God, she will make it huge in the industry

Richard Chiewuzie, among those figures and the audio track director from the film, said that the movie has believed him a good lesson. He commended the producer for a task well done and urged the general public to endeavour to see it.

African Eye also had a note with a few of the dignitaries present in the maximal. Hon. Remi Ozuba the CEO of REMSON INVESTMENTS NIG LTD that had been present expressed his pride in the movie and praised the young producer Editha Francis. He explained that the film is a great lesson and a wake-up call to all parents. He urges the public to see and learn in the movie.

Chioma Juliet Okoli that the CEO of Style with Julie, one of their guest along with the producer’s fashion designer expressed how happy she is to be the one that made her cloth and the clothes worn by a number of these guests. She encouraged the producer Editha Francis to be focused and move higher as the sky can’t limit her. You can hook up with her Instagram account @ stylewitjulie.

Elina is going to be released in the Cinema nationwide wide on 21st May 2021. You can not afford to overlook it.



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