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Solomon Buchi has spoken up in defense of dancer Korra Obidi’s husband,

Justin Dean, after he was dragged for bringing their marital issues online. Solomon Buchi defends: that it can be recalled that Justin recently took to social media to announce that he wants to divorce the dancer, and accused her of being a cheater and a narcissist.

At first, fans thought it was a prank but when it got real, fans criticized Justin for bringing their marital troubles online and for wanting to split up from Korra barely a week after she gave birth to their second child.
Solomon Buchi defends

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Reacting to the backlash, Solomon in a series of tweets, took sides with Justin and said his action is justified.
He wrote,

“Why did Korra’s husband bring it online? Well, because they are an ‘online couple’ — she’s been the one putting him out there in her videos. If he doesn’t speak up first to the public, the narrative can be manipulated by her to her fans. He NEEDED to make it public.

And the best way to treat a narcissistic and unkind person who is highly loved is by putting it out publicly too. So yeah, I justify him bringing the issue on social media.

Solomon Buchi

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To the women saying he would have waited more cos she just gave birth, you’re insensitive and hypocritical.
Cos she just gave birth means that he should die in silence? He is a human being with emotions. And some women are shouting postpartum depression, so PPD is responsible for her cheating, being narcissistic for years now according to him? Women, una get wahala. I swear.”

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