Sunday Igboho: Afenifere responds to Malami’s claims on ties to Terrorism

Attorney General
Sunday Igboho

Afenifere, Nigeria’s apex Yoruba organization, has replied to a statement by Nigeria’s Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, claiming that Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho is linked to terrorism.

In a statement sent to the press on Friday afternoon, Malami said that an inquiry into Igboho’s funds had shown a link to the incarcerated Boko Haram leader. Abubakar Mohammed Surajo, a terrorist financier.

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Afenifere, in a press release signed by its Secretary-General, Chief Sola Ebiseni, responded to the incident by calling Malami’s words “illogical thinking.”

“The Federal Government, led by the Attorney General, will not cease entertaining itself with absurd reasoning on the nationality issue.

Before speaking to the public, the AG should be led by the criterion of a reasonable man, which is a key requirement in a legal investigation.”

“This time, the squad he put together, at a time when he was hell-bent on nailing Igboho, has met his emotional needs.

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But in an implausible and flimsy manner, by implying that Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba nation activist, would be sponsored by Boko Haram.”

“Only someone who has a pathological hatred for Igboho and insults the Yoruba nation can find a common bed for Yoruba nation agitation and Boko Haram, which is known to collaborate with Fulani herders whose terrorist deeds were accountable for Igboho’s campaigns.”

“The whole world is aware of what Igboho stood for and continues to stand for, as well as his peaceful mode of operation, despite the Federal Government’s unjustified invasion of his home, which was targeted at his life.”

“It’s a horrible irony that the Federal Government, which was unable to defend itself against Igboho terrorism and was awarded N20 billion in aggravated damages as a result, would turn around and award Igboho less than N200 million to fund terrorism since 2013.”

When Igboho had never been heard of and previous Military Head of State Major Broad Muhammad Buhari was fighting for Sharia as a rule of general application in Nigeria.”

“The Federal Government and its security services should pay the damages awarded to them and apologize to Igboho and his family for the terrorist crimes done against the peaceful campaigner.”

The Federal Government may continue to play ostrich, but the entire world is aware of those who instigated, orchestrated, and continue to encourage terrorism in Nigeria.”



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