Evelyn Joshua

The wife of the SCOAN General overseer, Evelyn Joshua has finally opened up on incidents leading to her husband’s demise.

Speaking with the press on Sunday, June 6, she stated that her husband, the General overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), “ended his race prayerfully”.

She further said that her husband, TB Joshua had spent about three hours in prayers before the last service on the mountain and looked quite healthy with no health issues.

According to her, he never exhibited any sign of ailment or distress and that his major concern was about the prayer they offered to Indians against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stating further, she said, “Afterward, he came up to shower and I left him to have some time to prepare for service as worship had started.

“A few minutes later, he came out for ministration, and While ministering, he spoke about a time to come and time to leave. His words during the ministration were quite spiritual and afterward, he left the stage and went to his inner chambers.

“I waited a few minutes and subsequently decided to go ahead and check on him. Getting to his chamber, I met him sitting on the chair like someone showing no sign of unconscious.

Immediately, I called on other ministers who came in and tried reviving him but still there was no sign of consciousness from him.”Indeed, he went home to be with the Lord, leaving his congregation with a message to ‘watch and pray’ pray.”


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