Taraba State University Graduate Allegedly Killed By Policeman

university graduate
The deceased, Oliver Ezra Barawani

On Monday, November 22, the university graduate was allegedly shot by a police officer at a roadblock in Kpanti Napo, near Jalingo, according to a Facebook user.

Jalingo, a Taraba State University graduate, was reportedly shot and killed by a police officer.

According to Abainitus Akila Hamman, a Facebook user, the victim was shot by a police officer at a roadblock in Kpanti Napo, near Jalingo, on Monday, November 22.

At the time of this report, details of the occurrence were vague, but it was learned that the Taraba State University graduate was driving beside his employer, the Chairman of Lau Local Government Area when the incident occurred.

He was taken to the hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Abainitus Akila Hamman penned the following:

“Oliver Ezra Passed Away Far Too Soon! At a roadblock in Kpanti Napo, near Jalingo, he was shot by a police officer. He was a Taraba State University graduate till his death “Hamman penned the text.

He is the son of late Rev. Ezra Barawani, one of the founding pastors of EKAN Muri / UMCN. Mrs. Rhoda Barawani, his mother, is a well-known retired teacher and UMC Women’s Leader.

OLIVER Ezra was ruthlessly murdered for no reason. Between Lakaviri and Jalingo, he was driving beside the executive chairman of Lau LGA. He was unarmed, unafraid, and composed.

Police violence in Nigeria has remained unabated! Instead of dealing with society’s growing criminal element, they murder innocent Nigerians.

“The police authorities are remaining silent about the rise in police crime on our roadways and in other public locations. The majority of our cops are drug users who work while under the influence.

Taraba youths must demand that justice be served.” Meanwhile, friends, coworkers, teenagers, and others have rushed to Facebook to urge that the victim be given justice.





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