The Customer Service Golden Rule

The Golden Rule states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Don’t worry; I’m not going to try to trick you into going to Sunday school by posing as a business article! Nonetheless, this guideline has been presented to us in some shape or another for as long as we can remember.

The majority of individuals make an effort to follow this guideline in their day-to-day activities. When it comes to business, though, how many of us actually make an effort to adhere to such a basic principle?

If you give it some thought, it could very well be the single most crucial guideline to adhere to while running a business. The majority of customers are not very dissatisfied with the product or service they purchased even after a negative interaction with a salesperson. It very well might have been the primary source of the issue. On the other hand, the vast majority of people are aware that we do not live in an ideal world, and that occasionally things just don’t work out!

The Customer Service Golden Rule
The Customer Service Golden Rule

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The majority of people who leave these kinds of settings feeling unhappy do so because of the way in which they are handled. They have the impression that they have wasted money on your goods or service since they did not function as expected for whatever reason. They are irritated by this, but what honestly infuriates them is the perception that no one cares about their situation.

We’ve all endured poor service from a company at one point or another. Those of us who work in sales have most certainly experienced being on both sides of conversations like this.

It’s possible that towards the end of a particularly hectic day, we’ll be worn out by our duty as salespeople. There may be problems going on in our personal lives right now. It’s possible that we just got out of bed with a grumpy attitude that morning. There is not inherently anything flawed about any of those things.

But, it is our responsibility to find a way to put all of those things to the side in order to provide assistance to the individuals for whom we are compensated. Because of this, I believe that those who work in sales should be compelled to complete a course entitled “Acting 101.”

The Customer Service Golden Rule
The Customer Service Golden Rule

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In an ideal world, we would always be able to demonstrate a real interest in what our clients have to say and assist them in identifying the approaches that will be most successful for them. However, we are all aware that this is very much impossible on a daily basis unless you have a reasonably hefty prescription for Prozac!

They work in sales, and that’s all they are. Although there will be times when we are not performing at our peak, we have to be able to “pretend” as though we are. Act convincingly as though we are already doing it!

On the other hand, since salespeople are also individuals, they are frequently put in circumstances in which they must act in the capacity of the consumer. There is little question that you have experienced some salesmen who have bothered you or who have not been as helpful to you as you would have liked them to be.

However, it should go without saying that we will never be able to achieve perfection in all of our contracts with our customers. If, on the other hand, we made it a point to deal with clients in accordance with the time-honored maxim known as the “Golden Rule,” I believe that not only would we find our employment more joyful, but also our customers and, yes, even our earnings would increase.

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