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The Femi Falana revelations on Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari was destroyed by the police establishment that consistently dismissed all allegations of professional misconduct and criminal infractions levelled against him.

Our colleagues in the police legal department had put up outrageous defence whenever he was accused of allegedly killing suspects. In Jos, a judge ordered him to produce a detained suspect who had disappeared in custody. Our colleagues in the police legal department filed an appeal against the order and a motion for stay of execution. In Owerri, he has been sued for allegedly killing a suspect and taking over his hotel. The legal department has frustrated the case. The endsars panel in Abuja summoned him to appear. With the connivance of the legal department the summons has been treated with contempt.

In Lagos, the office of the AG has refused to compel Abba to produce all the fund and vehicles recovered from Evans’ house.

It was because the fellow was made to believe by the authorities that he had become untouchable that he engaged in drug trafficking so recklessly, even though he was on suspension.

Femi Falana,SAN

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