The Game Accused Of Conning Money Out Of Multiple Struggling Rappers


The Game is reportedly facing some serious allegations that involves allegedly conning money out of multiple aspiring rappers. According to an Instagram post from The Foo Community’s account, the veteran rapper is allegedly sending messages via their direct messages with a line like “I see you working” and proceeds to offer them a a slot on one of his SoundCloud mixtapes in exchange for $500 to $1,000.

“He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers,” the post claims. “In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any on the songs.”

The post says Game released seven mixtape compilations with 34 or more songs each last December, but the bulk of the songs only received between five and 250 views.

“Rappers are angry because the game tells them he will work with them on a song, but claim that it’s all cap so you can purchase a slot on one of his tapes,” the post continues. “They’re upset because he gives them a false sense of hope that maybe one day they can collab together.”

The alleged victims’ of the Game believe the fact he still owes a $7.1 million judgement to former She Got Game contestant Priscilla Rainey may have played a role in his decision to allegedly scam them. In June 2020, Judge Virginia A. Phillips granted Rainey access to his Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) royalties until the debt is satisfied. If he attempts to block the payments, Phillips would hold him in contempt of court and Game could face jail time.



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