The Right Age To Get Married From A Scientific Standpoint


There has been a debate as to what age would be right for single people to get married. Most people fail to understand that marriage is something that shouldn’t be rushed.

There has been a stark increase in the rate of divorce because couples don’t take their time to understand the deep realities of love and marriage.

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So I decided to bring this discussion from a scientific Standpoint. Researches have shown that divorce rates were hardly recorded with people who got married within the age range of 28 and 32 according to Carrie Krawiec who is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Birmingham.

She went further to disclose the need for people to be able to distinguish between compatibility and puppy love and should also be willing to make a few adjustments to the way they operate their daily lives.

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Here comes the science in all this. The brain has so many compartments, one of these compartments is the frontal lobe and it has been figured to be the last of the brain to develop. The frontal lobe only gets to mature between the age of 25 and 30. Until that lobe is fully developed, your views of life and the way you handle ethical issues could be a bit biased.

A study was conducted and by statistics, people who got married at the age of 20 had more divorce cases than those who got married at the age of 25.

But does that mean you should wait too long to get married? Of course not. People who got married in their 30s have longer-lasting marriages because their base stemmed from maturity and their more realistic expectations.

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Sadly, the rate of divorce sees couples who are within their 30s. These days, couples who got married in their 20s now seem to have longer-lasting relationships than those who came prior to them and this new trend is undoubtedly unwavering.

However, you do not have to let the principles of the world to define you, stand up for what you love and go for it



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