Tinubu’s declaration unsettles Osinbajo’s camp for the presidency in 2023


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s camp has lost all momentum following Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s declaration on the 2023 presidential election.

After meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, Tinubu, the APC’s national leader and godfather of the Vice President, declared his intention to run.

Tinubu said in a press conference following the meeting that he has wanted to be President of Nigeria for a long time.

According to sources in Osinbajo’s camp, Tinubu’s move has temporarily halted the ongoing underground mobilization.

“There is no need to consider running for office now that Baba has expressed interest,” says the author.

Osinbajo was in a strong position before Tinubu’s announcement. Ibrahim Babangida, the former military president, had given his support in December. IBB had said, “I want you to tell him to stay on cause.”

During the turbaning of Yusuf Buhari in Daura, the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Dr Umar Farouk Umar, also made glowing remarks about the Vice President.

That wasn’t the first time the Emir of Daura had praised Osinbajo. “I can assure you that our son has enormous trust in you,” the monarch said in 2018. “I want you to continue to justify that trust.”

Similarly, despite Tinubu’s romance with Kano State Governor Umar Guanduje, Kawu Hafiz, a Kano State member of the House of Representatives, openly endorsed Osinbajo’s candidacy.

The Osibanjo Grassroot Organization had been touring the country to drum up support for the former Lagos State Attorney General.

The relationship with Tinubu has put this momentum in jeopardy in one fell swoop.

Tinubu has been a loyalist for many years.

Tinubu appointed Osinbajo as his Attorney General in 1999, a cabinet position he held for eight years. Osinbajo remained a member of the group of politicians that included Rauf Aregbasola, Babatunde Fashola, Muiz Banire, Lai Mohammed, and others after the administration.

All of these politicians have been promoted to different positions after serving as commissioners and have remained loyal to Tinubu. Aregbesola, who previously served as Commissioner for Works, is now the Governor of Osun State and Minister of the Interior. Babatunde Fashola, who was Chief of Staff at the time, later rose through the ranks to become Governor of Lagos State and now Minister of Works and Housing. Lai Mohammed has also held the position of Chief of Staff and is now the Minister of Information and Culture.

Tinubu nominated Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate after a failed bid to join Buhari’s ticket as a running mate, as stated in Bisi Akande’s book, ‘My Participation.’

“An APC national leader whom I served when he was governor was interested in putting me forward as President Muhammadu Buhari’s running mate in consensus with other national leaders of the party,” Osinbajo said in 2016, when asked who nominated him.

6 Years of Buhari Loyalty

In a message titled “Uncompromised Loyalty,” Osinbajo pledged his loyalty to Buhari in the “This is Nigeria” magazine on the 59th anniversary of the country’s independence.

“He is the best boss, and it is an honor to serve Nigeria under his leadership.” “It is my sole responsibility to pledge my undying support for President Buhari,” the VP wrote.

After the rumour of Buhari’s death, the level of loyalty between the two was amplified by Buhari.

“Poor Professor Yemi Osinbajo, he had to deal with rumors as well.” Because they assumed I was dead, some people approached him and asked to be his vice-president. He was very embarrassed by it, and we talked about it when he came to see me while I was recovering,” he said.

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The men of the Department of State Services (DSS) laid siege to the entrance of the National Assembly in 2018, while the President was in London for medical treatment. Following the uproar, Osinbajo, as Acting President, fired Lawal Daura, the once-powerful Attorney General of Nigeria.

As a result, when the President stated that he has a preferred candidate but would not name him, many assumed it was Osinbajo. Despite claiming that he is still consulting, Mr Tinubu informed Buhari of his intention to run after the declaration.

On Tuesday, Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi went to Buhari to inform him of his candidacy.

According to Chief Segun Okunloye, an APC Chieftain, the campaign is all about timing and momentum. “The President’s declaration that he has a favorite has accelerated the process.”

“Because the APC is currently the largest party, you can see how difficult it is to even pick a date for the convention,” he said. As a result, politicians will have to act quickly or risk being booted out.”

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Mr Tinubu avoided discussing individuals during his speech, preferring to focus on selling himself; while Osinbajo has yet to comment on the matter, proxies have been talking.

Abdulmummin Jubrin, the Director-General of the Bola Tinubu Support Group Council and a former member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, appeared on Arise TV on Tuesday. During the interview, he stated that while both Osinbajo and Tinubu are qualified, Tinubu is the only one who can secure the ticket and win the general election.

He believes Osinbajo’s ambition comes at an inopportune time.

Oluwagbemi Michael, the Trustee of the Osinbajo Grassroots Organization, was also seen on Leadership TV. Micheal denied the existence of Tinubu’s political family during the interview.

“I’m not aware of any organization called the Asiwaju political dynasty being registered.” Asiwaju Tinubu is the result of many years of mentoring. He began his political career as a Senator, trailing then-Presidential candidate MKO Abiola by many miles, and rose through the ranks to become the governor of Lagos State, one of 37 states in Nigeria. Every man is doomed to follow his own path in life. Asiwaju was destined to be a part of the Vice President’s path. As I previously stated, someone who is married to the granddaughter of the Yoruba dynasty’s scion, Obafemi Awolowo, has a proud political history.

“Is he a member of the Bola Onagoruwa family, or is he a member of the Awolowo family– it’s still difficult to match the Awolowo political legacy in Yoruba land or Nigeria today.” “Or you could refer to him as a member of Tinubu’s family,” he said.

Nigerians are waiting to hear from both politicians while this is going on.



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