Tinubu’s Victory: Charly Boy Discusses Current Protest, Reveals Next Action

Charly Boy, a well-known veteran entertainer from Nigeria, has praised youths for the ongoing peaceful protest taking place in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.
Since the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu was declared the victor of the election on February 25, it has been reported that many young people have continued to voice their dissatisfaction with the results.
Every day, a large number of Nigerian youths occupied the streets of Abuja and the INEC office, demanding the return of their mandate and claiming that the electoral umpire had broken its own rules for the election.
Charly Boy expressed his support for the peaceful protest in an Instagram post, but he said that due to health issues, he was unable to join the young people.

The performer made a commitment to participate in Abuja’s upcoming protests, which he called the “mother of all rallies.”

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“Courageous Youths, I appreciate you all for the peaceful way you’ve conducted yourselves in the Abuja ongoing rally so far,” he wrote in the message.


“I would have been with you all but for my medical issue.

They won’t tamper with our mandate, though I’m quickly recovering; if all goes well, I should be joining you all for the mother of all rallies by next week. “Der fathers”

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