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Tonto Dikeh: Why I accepted to run as Deputy Governor

Tonto Dikeh: Why I accepted to run as Deputy Governor

Before the elections in 2023, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh gave her reasons for standing for deputy governor of Rivers State, stressing that it was a decent decision to really do.

On Friday, Tonto Dikeh was named Tonte Ibraye’s running mate for the position of governor of Rivers State in the elections of 2023 by the African Democratic Congress, or ADC.

During a press conference in Abuja, Nollywood starlet Tonto Dikeh stated that Nigeria’s democratic system and the country’s leadership still fell short of international standards. She said that she will create “mechanisms” to improve the issue with Mr. Tonte Ibraye.

“I shall devise strategies for the generation of large-scale employment, the inclusion of more women and young people in government, and play a significant role in the development of Rivers State where their ideas and power may be properly harnessed,” she said.

“Having frequently interacted with Mr. Tonte Ibraye, whom I have determined to be a level-headed headed individual in global development ventures, a gentleman with a longstanding genuine enthusiasm for redefining our collective future in Rivers State,

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In order to foster inter-ethnic respect and shared economic success across all sectors, I adamantly assert that accepting this nomination is not only a good idea but also the correct thing to do.

Tonte Ibraye, a gubernatorial candidate running on the ADC platform, argued that picking Tonto Dikeh as his running mate was the proper choice and highlighted that they will protect Rivers State.

Tonto Dikeh has been a party member for a very long time, and we have collaborated closely for more than a year, in his own words. I believe I made the proper choice in choosing her to be my running mate since she has been keeping an eye on the primary process and supports transparency.

She is capable of doing much, including establishing job possibilities. She has farms in Abuja and Rivers State, in addition to helping many young people launch successful enterprises.

Tonto Dikeh: Why I accepted to run as Deputy Governor
Tonto Dike

Every year, she sends roughly 3,500 kids back to school. Many people consider a variety of factors when selecting a running mate, but for me, there are a few that stand out. Tonto Dikeh meets all of these criteria, so believe me when I say she is qualified. Are you able to hire young people and create jobs for Nigerians and residents of Rivers? What do you think about involving younger people and women? If she were to run with me any day, I would be more than happy to do so.

“Tonto and I are embarking on a rescue mission; our goal is to save the residents of Rivers State. We would use data, make significant investments in social protection, and make sure to develop our traditional institutions so they could participate in the governing system and change the livelihood of the individuals of Rivers State.

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