Top 5 Famous Universities In Canada

Top 5 Famous Universities In Canada

Do you wish to study in Canada as a Nigerian student? This post is for you if you answered yes. Nigerian students may study the courses of their desire in Canada, which is one of the top nations in the world.

Canada offers some of the world’s greatest institutions, educational systems, and educational quality. Higher education is a wide ocean full of possibilities and problems no matter where one swims. and this is why international students flock to Canada to study at the country’s top institutions and colleges.

It might be difficult to choose the top international institutions for foreigners, especially if you are unfamiliar with them and their programs.

Top 5 Famous Universities In Canada

1. McGill University

McGill University is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, as well as one of Canada’s most well-known.

International students from more than 150 countries account for approximately 30% of McGill’s student body, the greatest percentage of any Canadian research university.

McGill University is known for its outstanding teaching and research programs.

McGill is well-known for drawing the best students from throughout Canada, the United States, and other nations.

2. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta in Edmonton is one of Canada’s leading research and teaching institutions.

It is known for its excellence in the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences across the world.

With over 40,000 students from 156 countries, the university offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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3. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is ranked 19th in the world and first in Canada. It was founded in 1827 and is still one of the top research-intensive institutions in the world.

The University of Toronto’s programs and courses are excellent, and its students have the chance to study from and collaborate with world-renowned thinkers.

International students are welcome at the university, which has students from over 150 nations.

Worldwide learning experiences, a wide range of program alternatives, and high foreign rankings are all appealing to international students.

This university may be a dream come true for Nigerian students who desire to study in Canada.

4. University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is ranked 88th among the best institutions in the world. In terms of research, this university is ranked fourth in Canada.

It is linked with the HEC Montréal business school and the Polytechnique Montréal engineering school.

There are around 10,000 foreign students, 600 programs, 13 faculties and schools, 2,600 lecturers, and 2,300 professors and researchers at the university.

5. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s greatest comprehensive research institutions, integrating university history with the lively energy and variety of Calgary.

The University of Calgary came in eighth in Canada and 169th worldwide.

It has more than 33,000 students, 250+ programs, and five (5) sites.

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