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Toyin Saraki bags WHO appointment

Toyin Saraki has been appointed by WHO Foundation World Health Organization (WHO) as Inaugural Global Health Ambassador.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Toyin Saraki wrote:

I am delighted to announce that the World Health Organization Foundation has named me their Inaugural Global Health Ambassador. This is a natural progression of the blossoming collaboration between my advocacy, philanthropy and our intrinsic synergies in relation to fighting the many challenges faced in global health.Global health needs us all, from every country, to work as one. We must all dedicate ourselves to keeping the world safe, and advocate for the protection of the most vulnerable. By working together, we can change the lives of future generations.

I look forward to propelling one of the world’s most influential global health initiatives forward through the joint force and work we have initiated. We have set out to protect the health and well-being of everyone, in every part of the world, and I am honoured as the Inaugural Ambassador to reiterate my commitment to the development, growth and mission of the WHO Foundation, and to support the World Health Organization (WHO) and the global health community.

WHO’s statement on Mrs Saraki’s appointment below:

We are thrilled to announce Her Excellency Toyin Saraki as WHO Foundation Ambassador for Global Health.


She is a highly esteemed global advocate with decades of work dedicated to women’s and children’s health and empowerment, ending gender-based violence, and improving lives in sub-Saharan Africa with The Wellbeing Foundation.

We are applauding Mrs Saraki’s tireless commitment to improving global health and are delighted to welcome her as an Ambassador for Global Health.


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