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Transition: Tinubu team to travel with federal government to World Bank Meeting

Boss Mustapha, the secretary to the government of the federation, has announced that four members of President-elect Bola Tinubu’s team will travel with the Federal Government delegation to the Spring Meeting of the World Bank as part of the transition process.

He revealed this to journalists on Tuesday in Abuja during a briefing on the PTC’s (Presidential Transition Council) activities.

He claims that the 24 members of the Presidential Transition Council, which was established on February 14, 2023, include two members of the President-staff. elect’s


He continued by saying that the PTC had asked him to name his council representatives in accordance with the Executive Order establishing the Council after Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was declared the President-elect.

Atiku Bagudu, the governor of Kebbi State, and Olawale Edun, who both later actively participated in the process, were reportedly nominated by the President-elect.
The Council has met five times since its inception, the fifth of which will take place on Tuesday, he continued.

According to the SGF, “the PTC divided into three committees to ensure a smooth transition process and increase the effectiveness of the work;

The first of these is the Inauguration Committee, which is in charge of planning the swearing-in ceremony and the inaugural parade as well as other logistical requirements for the successful inauguration ceremonies.

“To facilitate efficient planning and execution of the inauguration activities, this committee is headed by the SGF with 15 members and working through 13 sub-committees.”


Mustapha added that the President-elect has also been asked to propose 13 individuals to serve on the 13 subcommittees.

He claimed that the subcommittees had been working nonstop to make sure that everything was set up for a smooth inauguration ceremony.

“The Head of the Federation’s Civil Service chairs the Transition Documents Committee, which is the second committee.

The committee is in charge of compiling all of this administration’s policies, programs, and projects into a compendium that focuses on its nine (9) priority areas.

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Additionally, it is in charge of making sure sectoral briefs and handover notes from the outgoing administration are prepared. The Committee is diligently finishing up the assembling of these documents.

The Facilities, Security and Intelligence Committee is the third committee. This committee’s responsibilities include planning the necessary infrastructure, including furnished offices and staff for the President-and Vice-President-Elect and their transition team; providing security for the President-and Vice-President-Elect; and providing covert and overt security prior to, during, and following the 2023 Presidential Inauguration, including at venues for events, hotels, airports, entry points, roads, and general surveillance of FCT. The National Security Advisor serves as the chairman of this committee (NSA).

The President and Vice-President Elect’s offices have been completely renovated thanks to the Committee’s efforts. The Defense House facility is ready. The Department of State Service and the Nigerian Police Force have both sent security personnel to guard the newly elected president and vice president.

The National Intelligence Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have both assigned protocol officers to the President and Vice President-Elect.

The formal transfer of power to the new President would take place peacefully on May 29th, according to him. “The Transition process is on course, and all efforts are being made to ensure that it is smooth.

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