Twitter ban: FG accuses twitter of plotting against Nigeria

Lai Mohammed

In revealing insights into the many attempts made by the microblogging and social networking site to destabilize the country, the Federal Government has justified its move to end Twitter indefinitely.

In the course of a live show featured in the Nigerian Television Authority’s (NTA) “Good Morning Nigeria,” Minister of Information & Culture Alhaji Lai Mohamed provided the facts on Friday.

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During the news program in Abuja, the minister claimed that Twitter was a forum for separatists to implement their agenda.

In particular, the Minister noted that the platform was utilized continuously to encourage acts leading to the country’s downfall.

He claimed that separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu, comfortable in Europe, used Twitter to urge individuals to undermine Nigeria’s symbols of sovereignty.

He claimed Kanu, head of the IPOB, utilized that forum to incite his supporters to assault, among other things, the police, military men, INEC cameras, and offices.

“We have made multiple requests to them before its suspension to take out tweets that represent Nigeria as a zoo where we are all labeled as monkeys.

“But Twitter said these posts did not violate its own guidelines.

“It’s gaining momentum when police and military attacks, police and military officials get out of control, and we indicated we’re going to need to cease activities at this time,” he added.

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The Twitter mission and its creator Jack Dorsey were also suspected of sponsoring the EndSARS demonstration that almost destabilized the country and killed many people, including damage of public and personal property.

He added that when he claimed that the Twitter financed EndSARS demonstration, the fact checks done by the internet media organization, ‘The Cable,’ confirmed his viewpoint.

“Dorsey reported on some of the posts from several coalitions supporting the EndSARS demonstration on Okt. 14, 2020. “The internet media concluded.

“It started a campaign that demanded individuals to give with bitcoins on the same day.

“After the EndSARS protester on the microblogger website, Dorsey started another Emoy on Oct. 16, 2000.



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