Lai Mohammed-led team to talk with Twitter over suspension

Lai Mohammed

President Muhammadu Buhari led the government to engage in talks with Twitter, almost three weeks after it banned the social media giant’s operations in the country.

According to a statement made by Segun Adeyemi, the Special Assistant to the President, the team would be led by Minister of information and culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

It includes the Federal Procurator General and Honorable Justice Minister, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy,

Foreign Minister, Works and Housing Minister, Labor and Employment Minister, and other relevant governmental departments.

‘Twitter wrote to President Buhari to attempt to engage the federal government in suspension to map out a way forward after the indefinite suspension of its business in Nigeria for conduct capable of damaging Nigerian corporate life,.’

It is worth recalling that, two days after a temporary frozen account by the former military general, Nigeria suspended Twitter indefinitely on June 4, 2012.

The messaging service controlled by Jack Dorsey has taken the message from Mr. Buhari with the following tweet: Buhari wrote:

“Many of them who have been misunderstood today were too young to be aware of the carnage and loss of lives during the Nigerian Civil War.”

It was Biafra. “Those of us who went through the fight on the ground for 30 months will treat them in the language they understand.”



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