Two unfair VAR decisions against Chelsea in UCL quarter final clash with Real Madrid

Chelsea came out with a world-class performance on Tuesday in the ongoing UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid winning on the night but losing the tie.

We take a look at two VAR decisions against the Blues.

1. Failure to award Chelsea a deserved penalty in the first half

There was a poor snd unfair referee and Video Assistant referee decision made against Chelsea in the 25 minutes of the first half. Chelsea player, Timo Werner was brought down in the penalty box by the opponent player. The foul was a clear penalty, however, the Referee and the Video Assistant Referee refused to award a penalty to Chelsea.

This decision made against Chelsea by the Referee and the Video Assistant Referee was absolutely an unfair decision made in the first half. Chelsea were at their best and failure to award them their deserved penalty in the first half was uncalled for.

2. Cancelation of Alonso’s goal by VAR in the second half

This is another unfair and poor decision from VAR against Chelsea. Alonso scored a beautiful goal but it was ruled out after VAR checked and saw a previous foul and handball committed by Alonso before the goal.

The popular opinion states that it is a football law, however, the handball was unintentionally made by Alonso. This decision cost Chelsea a comeback win leading to extra time which later saw Chelsea being defeated by a 5-4 aggregate and kicked out of the champions league race.


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