U.S Government Wants More Nigeria Students in American Schools

Amirthanayagam public affairs officer speaking at EducationUSA centre

The Government of the United State of America, Is willing to have more Nigerian students in U.S schools. This was made known at the American space in Calabar, during the formal opening of the EducationUSA center.

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Speaking during the inauguration of the center, Mr. Aruna Amirthanayagam, which is the country public affairs officer at, U.S Embassy, Abuja, disclosed that EducationUSA is the aim of the U.S government that promotes the United State of America’s Education. There are about 4,500 educational institutions in the U.S, making it one of the greatest educational places in the world.

He also said, ”we really want more Nigerians to come and benefit in our educational system; through our EducationalUSA center in Calabar, we hope to have more Nigerian students especially from Cross River state going to the U.S to further their educations .”

Mr. Stephen Ibelli, Public affairs officer, U.S consulate general Lagos, said ” The center helps to facilitate the movement of Nigerian students to tertiary institutions in the U.S.

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He proceeded and said, through the arrangement, not less than 14,000 Nigerians had gained admission into schools in the U.S. ”Presently, we have more than 14,000 Nigerian students learning in the U.S and we’re hoping to grow more and further strengthen the connections between both countries”.

”This is where the EducationUSA resource center comes in, so, we urge the residents of Cross river state to visit the center and learn about the educational opportunities in the U.S freely.

According to the Affair officers and River state commissioner, All they were saying is that U.S government want more Nigerian student in their institutions. I think this is a great opportunity for Nigerian students who want to study abroad and own a bachelor’s degree, Masters or Ph.D. in any courses of their choice.


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“We are also proceeding the center to some cities such as; Benin, Akwa, Enugu to provide this information so that students don’t have to travel all the way to Lagos, Abuja, and other big cities for the information.

Cross River commissioner for education, Mr. Godwin Amanke, said in his remark that the state was very proud to identify with EducationUSA.

Amanke said the state would take essential steps to ensure that her students get first-hand information, scholarships, and empowerment programs.

However, he said ”as much that is OK OF Nigerian students to travel to the U.S to study, all I’m asking is for them to come back and make Nigeria better he said.

According to affair officers and River state commissioner of Education, all they were saying is that the U.S wants more Nigerian students to study in their institutions. I think this is a great opportunity for Nigerian students who are willing to study abroad to get Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s, and Ph.D.

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