Nigerian Becomes First Black African Woman Elected As Mayor In Ireland

Uruemu Adejinm
Uruemu Adejinm

The first African migrant and black woman elected as Mayor in the Republic of Ireland, Uruemu Adejinmi is a Nigerian.

In addition, Ms. Uruemu Adejimi is also the first African women’s Mayor of the country with her fresh election as Cathaoirleach for Longford Municipal District, the Irish Times reported.

In reaction to her triumph, the incumbent councilor of Fianna Fail, Mrs. Adejinmi, said in a statement that she was “profoundly honored” to take the new post.”

“This is a historic Longford day and I’m happy to tell my family and friends about this time.

I look forward to continuing the growth and development of my county, council members, and all the stakeholders,” she added.

In 2016 Ms. Adejinmi joined Fianna Fail after she migrated from Nigeria to Longford in 2003, before becoming a Local Councilor by 2020.

Her neighbor, who asked her to join Fianna Fail claiming “Unless my neighbor asked me to join his group, I wouldn’t have considered politics,” blames her involvement in politics.

Her neighbor, who persuaded her to join Fianna Fail and said, “If it were not my neighbor that asked me to join his party, I’ve not contemplated politics, attributed its involvement in politics to her.”



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