Watch Angelique Kidjo’s ‘Dignity’ Featuring Yemi Alade New Song with video


Angélique Kidjo has teamed up with the talented singer Yemi Alade for a new song called “Dignity.” The track was produced by Vtek da Awesom, and inspired by Nigeria’s youth movement, #EndSARS which has been protesting police brutality by the nation’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

In a press launch about the song, Angélique Kidjo stated:

Many people think that police brutality solely happens in America, but it’s in all places. This song is against brutality, but it’s also about how we have to treat one another with dignity, treat nature with dignity, and treat ourselves with dignity. Because if we can see the dignity that Mom Nature gave to all of us, then how can we walk tall?

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This will not be the first song between the duo. Angélique Kidjo and Yemi Alade last collaborated on the latter’s track “Shekere,” which appears on Yemi Alade’s 2019 album Woman of Steel.

Watch below:



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