We Are In Support Of Fuel Subsidy Removal – Youth Alliance


By Lubem Gena, Abuja

The Integrity Youth Alliance (IYA) has vowed to mobilize over 20 million youths across the country to counter the proposed Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) National Protest against the planned removal of fuel subsidy.


Arising from its National Executive Council Meeting on in Abuja, the Alliance’s National Coordinator, Kelvin Adegbenga said that the rally is aimed at sending messages to the grassroots people and sensitize the Nigerians on the need for this action (subsidy removal) by the Federal Government.


“We hope to mobilize over 20 million Youths across the country to sensitize Nigerians about the benefits of the removal of fuel subsidy because its benefits outweighed its disadvantages, ” the statement said.


The statement read further, “To us, the money removed as subsidy would be used to build schools, create employment opportunities and create infrastructure for Nigerians and we agree with the Federal Government and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited on the removal.


“The proposed protest is unnecessary and since the Federal Government was making efforts to cushion the effect of the removal of oil subsidy, labour should hold its breadth.

“We appeal to members of the public to be patient with the Federal Government and to the Nigeria Labour Congress to suspend the proposed protest.

“We have also appealed to Nigerian youths not to join the proposed NLC protest because subsidy removal is now a constitutional matter since President Buhari signed the Petroleum Industry Act into Law in August 2021.


“We think Nigeria Labour Congress should just exercise some patience and let see what will happen with the removal of subsidy, after all many past administrations have tried and failed.”


“We truly commend the President for having the political will to sign the PIA.


“We complain of unemployment, decayed infrastructure, poor health system, it is our expectation that the PIA will take us out of this logjam.


“There is no doubt the Federal Government is promoting local capacity in refining petroleum products for domestic use such as Dangote Oil Refinery Company, Waltersmith Refining & Petrochemical Company Limited, OPAC Refineries, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources, BUA Refinery & Petrochemicals and Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company Limited”, the statement concluded.

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