Have you ever thought of what is post secondary education (1)?

What is post secondary education? I will surely give an answer to this enticing question which have been giving some researchers sleepless nights. Have you ever thought of education and its relativity to the necessity of students and those who it is relevant to.

Post secondary education is one which is carried out after tprimary education at the early stage of ones life.  Post secondary education ashe completion of the basic or  it is called in the African setting as the university stage of ones life. Most at times, it does not determine the university days of ones life because there are other in some setting who does not or have made it a priority that they would learn a trade or go to a vocational training institute or even a technical school.

Evenly, post secondary education is determined by the continual learning after finishing the early stage of education and then learning the basics which will make the student suitable psychologically and educationally fit to suit into the society or the higher school.


As it have been answered in the first paragraph of this post, post secondary education is the part that a student has chosen to take after the secondary school education. In some African setting and some other poor regions of the world, most students don’t even think of post secondary education because of the high cost of learning or the poverty rate in the country and this has been the major effect of post secondary education. Most students have resorted to crimes and some other vices causing havoc in the society at large because of the effect of lack of post secondary education.

what is post secondary education
“Group of college students in the university amphitheatre, they are sitting and doing an exam.”

WHAT IS POST SECONDARY EDUCATION: How to solve the problems

The present best ways of solving the problems of post secondary education is to reduce the high cost of educating a student and also advice this students to think more of education and how to benefit more from education other than being a havoc in the society.

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Secondly, post secondary education gives room to higher pay job and future good standard of living after they have become a professional in a field of study

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