What most fans don’t know about Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes was posed some quickfire questions in an exclusive club media interview recently.

The Portugal international was asked about his favourite goal, comeback and fans’ chant, plus the greatest player of all time.

He also disclosed his best pal at the club and had a message at the end to our wonderful supporters.

Best goal

“I like the one against Everton, the header away from home. But I like probably the best, the one against Istanbul Basaksehir at home in the Champions League. I’ll go with that one.”

Favourite match

“My favourite match is the Leeds [one] because I scored the hat-trick. We won, it was a great game, a great atmosphere and a fantastic start to the season so probably that one.”

Best comeback (from being behind in a game)

“Southampton away [the 3-2 in November 2020].”

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Favourite song or chant

“I would choose mine this time. Last time, I chose Anthony [Martial]’s but this time, I’ll choose mine.”

Best movie you’ve ever watched

“I don’t know – the best movie or my favourite? My favourite is Lion King, the original one.”

Favourite food

“That is difficult. Francesinha [a Portuguese sandwich with bread, ham, sausage, steak or roast meat covered with melted cheese and tomato and beer sauce]. It’s something we do in Portugal, in Porto.

Most special place in the world

“My home.”

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