When I heard about Kujore’s death, I passed out –Shina Peters


Sir Shina Peters, a veteran Afro-juju musician and close ally of the deceased, told Saturday Beats that he passed out when he learned of Kujore’s death.

“I was the first person Kujore’s son reached out to on the phone immediately after his death,” he said of his relationship with Kujore. When he told me the bad news, I screamed and almost passed out. After I fainted, it took the help of those who were with me in Abuja at the time to bring me back to life. I had to drop everything I was doing in Abuja and fly to Lagos right away because I knew we, the members of the Association of Juju Musicians in Nigeria, had a lot of work to do in his honor.

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I contacted our President, Queen Ayo Balogun, so that we could start making plans. Dayo and I had a close friendship, which makes the whole thing seem like a fantasy to me. It’s been difficult for me to accept that Kujore is no longer with us. We grew up together and both performed alongside Prince Adekunle, so I’ll miss him for his talent and friendship.

In addition, we both formed bands around the same time. We shared a lot of interests. I had only felt that way before Kujore’s death when Michael Jackson died.”



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