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Where Is Your Shame? – Nollywood actress slams Yul Edochie for making public apology to May 

Nollywood actress Doris Ogala criticized Yul Edochie for publicly apologizing to his first wife, May, after he had an affair and married Judy Austin.
On December 21, 2022, Yul Edochie sent a passionate apology to May on his Instagram page. He emphasized that he truly regrets his actions and that he bears responsibility for them.

Yul claims that although he has often apologized to his wife and agreed that polygamy should not be forced upon anyone, choosing a second wife was never done in an effort to belittle her.
The actor continued by saying that he had been a good father and had given May everything she needed; as a result, he begged her to let go of the past so they could live happily and calmly.

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In response to the post, Doris said on her Instagram page that the public apology was something she was entitled to.

She begged Yul to spare May some tranquility rather than trying to gain influence in the matter.
Doris claims that since she shares a predicament with Yul’s wife, May, and fully comprehends her, Yul should enjoy his new family with Judy.
@yuledochie…..what an entitlement, he wrote. Would you kindly give your wife May a moment of peace? Without constantly attempting to chase clout… Since I’m in the same circumstance as your wife, I completely comprehend what she’s going through. Please take pleasure in your new bone and flesh, ah a… where are you ashamed? “Kai guys will make you seem bad, Sha!”

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