Why Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse Is Necessary

Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Society often keeps quiet about domestic abuse and violence. Typically, victims don’t speak up; they accuse themselves of acting this way or make an effort to return to normal. Domestic violence and abuse are defined as physical assault, verbal abuse, and other factors exhibited by a romantic relationship. Despite the fact that they are conceptually distinct, abuse and violence are closely related. While it usually occurs in heterosexual relationships, LGBT couples can also experience it. In their lives, at least 38,028,000 women have been victims of domestic violence committed by their spouses. Men occasionally endure suffering from their spouses, even though women are often the victims.

The term “domestic abuse” and “violence” refer to a variety of behaviors. The two primary causes are physically striking or abusing a person. Taking control of one’s life, threatening, degrading, or even engaging in sexual assault are further traits. Long and overdone in a number of ways, the list is lengthy. Domestic abuse and violence show progressively developing symptoms. Any relationship starts out seemingly normal, but eventually, a problem develops. The offender initially apologizes profusely and professes affection. Domestic abuse then takes place without the victim being aware of it. No matter what their age, religion, or group is, it occurs to individuals. The number of children who experience domestic abuse each year is estimated to be close to 10,000,000, according to a global research.

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Violence and domestic abuse have devastating psychological effects on their victims. It destroys their self-confidence, and they experience psychological stress that, in extreme situations, even results in death. Domestic abuse physically results in bruises, black eyes, and other markings depending on where the victim has been assaulted. When the bruises are on the face, it becomes quite challenging for the victim to conceal them. On a lady with obvious bruises, a Moroccan TV show recently presented a cosmetics technique to cover up domestic abuse. This presentation, which was shown on the International Day against Violence Against Women, sparked a great deal of outrage among viewers worldwide. As more individuals submitted the petition to higher authorities, strict action was taken against this occurrence.

Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse
Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Even in today’s environment, domestic violence and abuse remains a sensitive subject. However, many of individuals suffer in silence, as evidenced by the numerous campaigns and victims who come forward to support other survivors. As a result of the wrongdoer’s emotional coercion, victims frequently choose to remain. It is ranked as the third most common factor in family homelessness.

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